Clear Your Surfaces, Free Your Mind



We’ve worked with collections as unique as insects and animal skulls to much more common items such as movie memorabilia and historical archives for artists collections and presidential libraries for high profile clients. Whatever it is you wish to preserve, we are here to help create a system for your collection.



Did you know that your beauty products, just like your food, have a shelf life? If you overstocked on lotion it’s possible these items have expired. We will help you quickly sort and categorize your toiletries and make space saving suggestions so your bathroom works to its highest potential. A few adjustments to your shopping habits can streamline your bath product collection and simplify your needs. There are currently some exciting options out there to become a mindful consumer and use less plastic!

Pro tip: use your vertical space!

Bedroom_CP_Main (1)


This is where you begin and end your day and in our opinion, it’s the most important room in your home. Chaos in the bedroom can be linked to unhealthy sleeping patterns and may be part of the stress contributing to your life. Our goal is to help you feel rested, by clearing your room of stressful clutter and to welcome in soothing energy so you can start your day in a positive and clear state of mind.

Pro-tip: Minimize excess in the bedroom to ensure clarity of mind.




Having your clothing organized will save you your most precious resource, time. Don’t spend another moment hunting for something to wear. We’ll make space saving suggestions and assist with an edit to ensure your closet contains clothing you LOVE and that FITS; forget the rest! And If a closet redesign is what you need, we love collaborating with closet design firms to ensure the build runs smoothly and is built to fit your needs.

Pro-tip: Get started right away by color coordinating your closet, this will help finding what you need flow much faster!

Filing Systems

Filing Systems

Filing systems are the backbone of paperwork storage. While we support and encourage a paperless lifestyle and we can help you get closer to that milestone, we know it’s inevitable that you’ll need a filing system to store your most important documents. Our personalized filing systems, if properly maintained, will last you a lifetime.

Pro-tip: Download our paperwork retention schedule on our resources page



We’d guess that most households in America use their garage as the dumping ground for every item that’s either on its way out or has a stagnant decision surrounding it. If you have a garage you can’t park your car in, contact Hollyhelp Inc. Without spending a lot of money, we can install a simple pegboard or shelving system to store your deep files and help you sort through those boxes you haven’t unpacked since your last move. Tools should be visible and easy to reach depending on how often you need them.

Home Office

Home Office

We’ve organized many home offices, but most clients still prefer to work at their dining room table and almost NEVER sit at their desk! Perhaps it’s the energy of being in a main room. For me it’s about being closer to the coffee! There is really no wrong way to set up an office as long as you are comfortable, have minimal distractions and can quickly pack-up your work if it’s a multi-use space.


HomeZada Inventory

As experts on everything residential, we highly recommend having a detailed home inventory. We use to create an itemized inventory that you can update directly from your mobile phone. Centralize all the details about your property in ONE place, where you can upload everything from maintenance schedules to insurance details. A comprehensive Home inventory will help ensure you have proper insurance coverage in the event of an emergency or Natural disaster.

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Just because we’re organizers doesn’t mean we want you to minimize all of your beautiful things! The key is proper storage so you can find what you need quickly. Since you can’t wear every piece, everyday, let's create an artistically organized arrangement so that you can enjoy it, whether you're wearing it or not!

Kids Toys

Kids Toys

Get the whole family involved! With a background in early education, Brianna Lucente is our resident expert on everything kid worthy. We enjoy introducing children to the basics of organizing. Don’t you wish you had been taught some simple organizing principles when you were a kid? Teach young minds about responsibility and give them a sense of pride in their space by letting them take part in making the decisions of where things should go. When toys have their proper place, clean up is usually much more manageable.

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Let’s pinpoint your prime cabinet ‘real estate’ and create cook zones for each category. Kitchens quickly become crowded with gadgets of every shape and size, but do they really enhance your cooking experience or clog up your cupboards? Let’s talk about it!

Pro tip: clear that counter space, if you don’t use it everyday, put it away!


Moving & Relocation

Moving & Relocation

Moving is at the top of the “most stressful list” of things you’ll experience in your lifetime, but not with Hollyhelp Inc. As relocation experts, we provide a skilled and respectful team to help you sort and pack your most precious items. We can also act as a liaison between you, your moving company of choice and various vendors to oversee the process and make sure your belongings are placed exactly where you want them. We love unpacking and creating organizational systems that fit your lifestyle.

Pro-tip: If you are considering moving, download our free Moving Guide on our resources page.



Pantries are one of the highest traffic areas of the home and therefore require the most maintenance. Our goal is to help you create a sustainable system that is easy to upkeep. The recent pandemic has shown us food shortages are a real (fear and?) possibility and organization and food preservation in the pantry could be vital to your survival.

Pro-tip: Rotate regular pantry food with your emergency supplies in order to keep back stock at its freshest.


Style & Decor

We are professional Organizers with an eye for design. We make furniture and storage recommendations to not only enhance the beauty of your home, but to help your organizational systems work to their maximum potential. We love working with color and texture, let us manage your full-room-transformation.

Pro-tip: Expensive doesn’t equal effective. We source organizational tools that from our experience, are built to last.



Surfaces are everywhere in your home and you can’t avoid them. Clearing surfaces is typically where we start, to help you see the possibilities of a life uncluttered. Subscribing to the 5 minute a day pick-up program is the key to maintaining clear surfaces.


Zen Den

If you have an extra room in your home that’s become a drop zone for all the things you don’t know what to do with, let’s have a conversation about what you really need. We can transform that space into your dream Room. Life is too short to have a room full of junk! What type of room have you always wanted? Let’s help your bonus space reach its maximum potential!